Thursday, February 23, 2012

When the voice talks, you listen

Dear Fran,

Today is a day you want to lie on the floor at the gym and cry. The hyper-flexiblity you bestowed on your children is long gone, tendons and muscles frozen from months of chemical barrage and lack of mobility. You feel like an alien in your own body. This is where you are now. This is the baseline.

The forest fire that raged through your life last year has its lasting effects, the greatest of which is the journey you now have to take to become whole again.

Be the woman you can be and find a path and a plan back to feeling fit and fantastic in your skin. Don't dwell in the blackened landscape. Find, gather and take in the elements that you need to bring those green shoots of life to the surface. You know what they are: love, dialogue, forward motion, physical contact, movement, positivity, strength. If you don't have them at the ready, seek them out. They are the things that make you thrive. Without them, you will fail.

It's too easy to watch the rock roll down the hill, not thinking you have to push it up again. This is not a choice. Don't even consider it one.

That voice in your head.

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  1. Frantastic you are truly FANTASTIC!! Insightful and inspiring!